Thursday, 30 March 2017

Questioning specific "remain" claims.

David Cameron: Brexit could lead to Europe descending into war

This is just beyond the surreal. Regardless of Brexit, we're still members of the NATO. Even if you were to take the highly dubious road of claiming increased tension within the EU, proving this down to Brexit, while simultaneously arguing that no other stress points would have emerged, is frankly beyond the ludicrous. Especially in light of the continuous North/South divide, fueled by their requirements for differing monetary policies. But hey, Germany's economy is doing well.

David Cameron: leaving the European Union would risk Britain's national security

Again, NATO. And "Five Eyes".

Cameron: Government would promptly trigger Article 50 in the event of a Leave vote

Yeah, but they didn't, now - did they? 9 months isn't "promptly" by any definition of the word.

Brexit: Bank of England's Mark Carney warns of City exodus

We'll see, of course. Some work might be offshored to the Eurozone - clearing being the big one, from what I understand. But this has so far in no way come to terms.

EU referendum: Mark Carney doubles down on Brexit recession risk warning

The specific claim "instant economic shock" - so far a giant dud.

PM warns of Brexit threat to state pension 'triple lock'

This hasn't happened either. Whether the triple lock will hold, is a long debate in itself - there are plenty of reasons why it wouldn't whether we'd be inside the EU or out.

Has George Osborne's punishment Budget terrified Britain into Remaining?

These budgets were hyperbolic scaremongering at it's very worst.

Cameron ‘won’t resign’ if UK votes for Brexit

But he did!

George Osborne says Brexit would drive up mortgage rates

Somewhat uncertain. Globally, we have seen a slight rise in interest rate since June, 2016 - but the developments within the UK are not dissimilar to those.

Barack Obama: Brexit would put UK 'back of the queue' for trade talks

Yeah, that most certainly didn't happen. In fact, the exact opposite did. Also - with all these unproven Russian hacking claims, it's outright hypocritical for Obama to seek to directly influence a sovereign referendum in this way.

Brexit would prompt stock market and house price crash, says IMF

The Pound Sterling initially took a dive, and later stabilized around the $1.22 mark. HOWEVER - more important is the GBP/EU rate, and that has only seen a decline from around the 1.25 mark to 1.16.

French politicians tell Britain 'take back your borders' after EU vote

We were told Calais migrants would all come to the UK. Didn't happen either.

Business investment was untouched by Brexit as £170 billion flowed into Britain last year, exposing the Remainer lie that our historic vote for national independence would cause a collapse in foreign business investment.

Nope, that didn't happen either.

EU referendum: George Osborne says tax hike needed to cover £36bn Brexit black hole

These figures stem from a ludicrous 2029 projection. Reality is that they struggle to predict even 1 year in advance. This was always scaremongering from day one.

EU referendum: Brexit 'would spark year-long recession' - Treasury

The specific claim was that the impact would be "immediate and profound". Cameron claimed it was the "self destruct button". This, with absolute certainty, did not happen.


Let's expose some outright hypocrisy while we're at it. We already did above, in regards to Obama. Because, this is what the EU told us (while simultaneously failing to inform us they, in fact, sponsored the BBC):

The commission will not campaign, will not take part in the campaign,” spokesman Margaritis Schinas told journalists.

I don't see the commission having a role in a campaign that is for the British people and the British people alone,” he added.

Donald Tusk: Brexit could destroy Western political civilisation

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